Find Your

Do Business with your Neighbor

At the Neighbor Network, we believe in the power of local business. That is why we have developed a platform for neighbors to be able to find each other by profession, and communicate with them directly.

Location Based Search

We will ask you for your address, once time. Once you have provided that, we will use that to locate your neighbors. They will never see your address from us.

Simple User Interface

Our user experience is incredibly simple to use. Search for a provider, and have a list display instantly. You can also add a service you want to provide too.


Here at the Neighbor Network, we are highly focused on keeping your data secure. We are utilizing top security technology to protect against the most modern hack methods to keep your data secure.

What our users are saying

Mary B.

"The power of Neighbor Network is that I can go on, search for a service, and find someone that lives close by to do business with. It doesn't include all the drama of a social network either. Clean and Simple."

John F.

"As a mechanic, the Neighbor Network made it easy to post my service. I can help my neighbors out with their automotive problems. The Neighbor Network has really allowed me to become a trusted resource for all of our car needs."